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Are You on Social Media?

Are you on social media and looking to connect with RepFix? Check out some of the social media that we're on.

Blogging Platforms

We love blogging which is why we have blogs on many of the popular blogging platforms. Connect with us on our WordPress blog, our Blogspot, and even our Medium!

Podcasting Services

Are you an avid Podcaster? We are too! We love Podcasts and regularly listen to podcasts using these tools.

PDF & Document Websites

PDF & Document websites are great ways to get your content out there. Are you on websites like Scribd or Slideshare?

Social Profile Sites

There are many social profile sites that you can create AboutMe style pages on. Have you setup your business profiles yet on sites like Pixelhub or Identyme?

Website Platforms

Did you know that you can build out free websites using popular platforms? Here are some examples of platforms you can use to build websites for your business. SiteWM, Tumblr, Webs &

Social Networks

There are a variety of social networks that you can be apart of. If you enjoy the stock market you should checkout StockTwits. If on the other hand you are interested in design be sure to check out 500px.

Image Websites

One great way to connect with your audience is through the use of image websites such as imgfave or this website.

Business Networks

If you are a business you should be using websites like LinkedIn, f6s, or Crunchbase to connect with other businesses, investors or individuals.

Tips for Optimizing Social Media

Unique Content

Connecting with Others

Fascinating Images

New Information

Helping Others

Tips & Tricks

Find Clients

Have Fun

Capturing Your Brand

Brand Infringement

If you are dealing with setting up your new company online you’ll want to make sure that you register as many social profiles for your companies name as possible. Unfortunately domain squatting is nothing like social media as the social media sites may not give up registered usernames even if it’s your company name.

Brand New Sites

There are many new social media sites that are coming out each and every day. Many of these social network sites are taking off like a Wildfire. Take for example Babble, Snapchat and others. Keeping up on the new networks can be a great avenue for building an audience.

Some Final thoughts: The main thing is to get started on setting up your social campaigns immediately and not wait until it’s too late. Often times the best social networks for you and your business will come to fruition within a short amount of time. Getting started today allows you and your company to find the best methods of traffic and business for your company.

Social Media Websites

You’ll probably consider many of the major social media websites when setting up your profiles. However don’t forget about Behance, Github, or even Soundcloud.

Video Networks

What about new streaming services like Periscope, or even Facebook’s live streaming services. Have you thought about these and how your brand can incorporate those into your social media campaigns.

After you’ve setup your social media campaigns be sure to look us up on the social networks. There’s a good chance we’re on them and we’re excited to connect with you. Be sure to like our page, friend request, follow, tweet or everything in between.